• Lower My Bills

    3CWG negotiates with large vendors all the time vetting companies that put the client first. our process is simple:

     1.  click on what you are Interested in.

     2. Fill out the form

     3. A 3CWG assistant will contact you in what we can assist you with.

    Lower my TV, Internet, and Home Phone Service


    Tired of your bill getting higher for your home entertainment system? Fill out this form so we can qualify what you qualify for.

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    Lower my Electricity Bill


     Tired of your bill getting higher for your Electric and Gas? Fill out this form so we can see what your address qualifies for. 

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    Protect My House Now


      Worried about the security of your home but don't want to pay large fees? Here at 3CWG we can custom tailor a package  just for your budget.  

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    Personal services


    Need help with financials? We are here to assist you. With our certified partners we can get you the help you deserve.

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    Upgrade My Home


    Have you thought about making your home into the Cutting Edge home of the future? We have partnered with the biggest brands to make your dreams come true.

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    See something we missed? Reach out to us on something you would like to see, and we will make it happen.

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